A report of BGW24, The biggest tournament for Melee in Japan

I participated in BattleGateWay24 witch is the biggest tournament for Melee in Japan and called BGW24.

This tournament has 3 events. These are singles Aclass, singles Bclass and doubles.

Today, I introduce atmosphere of this tournament in a view of visitor.

BattleGateWay24全試合結果*アイキャッチはSmash.ggより。 去る2019年2月9日(土)、東京都大田区にて『大乱闘スマッシュブラザーズDX』(以下『ス...
I want to be there from start to finish next!

Getting to BattleGateWay24 in the evening

I was in the tournament 2 or 3 hours in the evening because of my schedule.

The pic of electric bulletin board  above shows how it is late haha.

I checked Twitter and felt “I wish I was be there”, Walking briskly.

This pic is taken from a bridge to Pio where is venue. Feeling good.

I had felt that, it was snowing that day tough, competitors’ passion melt it.

And I finally get in the venue then….

Notice let me know that Room D in 6th floor has tournament. Thanks dude.

I had met Gleb and had some chatting with him at the front of elevators.

In tournaments, we can have conversation with players casually. I like it.


Shippu front of the entrance

“Awwwww”, “Oh my Goddddddd”, “What the FXXKKKKK”.

Lots of emotional sounds coming over me. Nice.

I just met Shippu in front of the entrance of venue.

Shippu: Oh! Were you here!?

MARINE: No, I just be here right now. I participate tournament lately today.

Shippu: Ah that’s why got it.

When I was in room D, TOP 8 competitors had be decided!

WOOOO, I was in time for it.

After things like these small events, I go in The hottest place in Japan that day….

Ebichan who cheer Wahabe and Abesan up took me there.

*Watabe vs Abesan▼


Competitors, participants and more

Yoichi said “Sheik has nice condition today”.  I talked him, preparing camera and other stuffs.

Sheik and Shippu had been playing Melee at high level in WF.

Shippu is the King of BGW24. He beat Sheik in the GF after losing after this match.

What a great Shippu day.

Sheik vs Shippu(WF)▼

VGBootCamp2のBattle Gateway 24 SSBM – Sheik (Sheik) Vs. Shippu (Peach) Smash Melee Winners Finalsをwww.twitch.tvから視聴する

Sheik is really in good condition, then he won Shippu at 3-1 score.

Shippu was made to go loser’s run in the doubles elimination tournament.

One of the Japanese top C.falcon players Gucci come back to the scene.

This pic above shows He and Bitou who come from western Japan.

Gucci vs Bitou▼
VGBootCamp2のBattle Gateway 24 SSBM – Gucci (Captain Falcon) Vs. Bitou (Fox) Smash Melee Losers Quartersをwww.twitch.tvから視聴する

Sanne and Gucci come across. They smile before play melee but just after getting start it their face show us serious look.

At venue, I really feel players’ passion. That is a point I like.

Check Sanne vs Gucci▼

VGBootCamp2のBattle Gateway 24 SSBM – Sanne (Fox) Vs. Gucci (Captain Falcon) Smash Melee Losers Semisをwww.twitch.tvから視聴するDo you know Muro?

He is a young melee player though, He is getting better day by day.

Muro fight Plata who is No.2 Yoshi main In Japan.

I think he is one of top Yoshi mains in the world.

What a shame…I missed chance to take photo of them.

However in Twitch, We check their fight. Check it out▼

VGBootCamp2のBattle Gateway 24 SSBM – Muro (Sheik) Vs. Plata (Yoshi) Smash Melee Losers Eighthsをwww.twitch.tvから視聴する

Finally, Sanne vs Shippu had got start in LF.

Player who won this game can go to GF with Sheik.

To get title BGW24 they have to beat the other.

Shippu had 3-1 score against Sanne and took thicket for fight back Sheik!

Sanne was sitting down next to Massun who is member Kitsune-bu(a group by fox mains).  This pic above shows the scene Massun say something to Sanne after LF.

In the other hand.

This pic shows Shippu went toward his friends NAKAMi(left) and NEGU(center).

I felt huge energy from Shippu’s this face.

BGW24 is a tournament. So there are victory and defeat.

That’s tough point of tournament but we can find a attractive point.


Watching GF by Sheik and Shippu

watching games is one of the interesting points of Melee.

For example, NAKAMi and Bitou shows us that watching is very fun.

Their shout and smile is really nice.

Almost of audiences is player who have finished his own match.

They have lots of emotion against their games naturally though.

They take them aside and cheer up competitors and enjoy watching.

I remember CrazyHand2018 by Kounotori in Osaka Japan.

Now, go back to fight of GF.

Shippu said “I’m a not hero” just before the match.

I thought that he is one of the Melee here in Japan though.

I decided to behold the GF by Sheik and Shippu.

Commentator is of course Bozitoma. He has passion for commentate of Melee.

English commentators are here. They really enjoy it all the time too.

Check GF of BGW24 here!!!!▼

VGBootCamp2のBattle Gateway 24 SSBM – Sheik (Sheik) Vs. Shippu (Peach) Smash Melee Grand Finalsをwww.twitch.tvから視聴する

Shippu got title BGW24 as showing movie above.

He win GF set1 at 3-1 score then beat Sheik in GF set2!

GF reset is really wonderfull.

And We know now that Shippu is really hero of Melee in Japan.

I hope that I participate in tournament as a competitor too next time.

Everyone give me a energy every time. Thanks!